Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grade the pin quality?

Pins are inherently handmade items, this means that in general they will have minor flaws. 


         Collector*: perfect pin

         Standard**: minor flaws
such as (but not excluded to) minor scratches, minor underfills, minor specs, and screen printing slightly misaligned 

         Seconds***: more noticeable flaws
such as (but not excluded to) larger scratches, poorly mixed enamel, missing enamel, larger specs, significant under fills, tarnished metal, missing enamel, significantly foggy clear or stained glass enamel. 


*The chances of a "perfect pin" without any flaws is between 0%-5% per batch of pins.  I grade the pins with this in mind. To avoid the extreme stress of not being able to meet this expectation of perfection, I often do not provide collectors quality. I choose instead to not grade for collectors and bundle anything that may be considered collectors in with the standards.

**Please note on Clear Enamel Pins that bubbles are considered Standard quality as they are unavoidable.

***While seconds pins are inherently "flawed" I would not consider these flaws to be so noticeable that the pins are unwearable.. There will be no issues like a broken pins, or a broken/missing back posts.

When will my order ship?

Our processing time is 1-4 weeks. If there is an urgent reason that you need me to prioritize your order please let me know. Otherwise please have patience, we work as fast as we can but we also work a full time jobs on top of running this business.

The postal service lost my mail! What can you do to help me? Will you replace/refund my order?

Lost packages are something out of my control. What I can do is suggest you file a lost package claim ( I recommend starting this process 4 weeks (8 weeks for international) after you received your tracking number email. If USPS needs to contact me for any reason please give them my email I will be happy to help with the claim through USPS but I will not be able to refund or replace the item, as it is the fault of USPS. However if you made your order during a sale, I will happily give you that discount again should you chose to reorder.

Why am I being charged Customs and import taxes?

For International orders (outside of USA) you can be charged Customs and Import taxes. These are set by the country you live in; I have no control over them and will not receive them. Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm also not responsible for delays due to customs.

I am an international buyer, will you mark my customs form as a "gift" instead of "merchandise" so that I am not charged customs?

Absolutely not. That is considered fraud, and is a federal crime. I could be heavily fined and/or prison time if caught. This is something I would not risk. Knowing the high risk, I hope you would never ask a stranger to do this for you in the future.

What is the Shipping cost to my country? Why does it cost so much to ship to my country?

The shipping cost is auto generated at check out. The cost that is says at checkout is what it costs me to ship your item to you. If you are concerned that the shipping cost for you international order is in error and it is above $12-$15 USD please email me. Otherwise please understand that the shipping cost is not set by me, and instead set by the postal service.

Do you accept returns?

In most cases we do not, but please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Do you provide gift wrapping?

I do provide gift wrapping, please message me if you want an order gift wrapped. If you want a small note please let me know the reason for the gift (ie. Birthday, anniversary, Valentines day, graduation), or just what you want me to say and the persons name.

The Colors on my screen don't match the item I got

The colors on screens aren't always accurate so they don't always match what the item is. Plus colors can slightly vary based on lighting.

Can I get your art as a tattoo?

I would be honored if you got my art as a tattoo. There are a few things I would like you to do before getting my art tattooed on your body. 

1. Please Contact me (via the contact form on this site or my email and provide this information:
        ⬢ Which Design(s) you are looking at
        ⬢ Are you (or your tattoo artist) planning to alter my design in any way?
        ⬢ Tattoo artist's name and portfolio
        ⬢ When are you looking at getting the tattoo done?

2. Show your support of me, buy the art piece from me, whether that is the pin, the print, or something else.* If I do not have that item for sale anymore I will create a listing for you to purchase the tattoo rights.

3. Show me a picture of the completed tattoo at the end. (Please let me know if it is ok if I share the tattoo picture, and let my know your Instagram username so I can tag you😊)

4. The tattoo artist may not redistribute my artwork and if you or the tattoo artist share on social media a picture of the tattoo credit me in it. (Preferably with a tag)

**Please don't use a sticker as your purchase to support my art. My art and I are worth more than the cost of a sticker. If you have enough to buy a tattoo you have enough to show your support to the artist

I accidentally bought a Fake of one of your pins from another shop! What should I do?

Please contact me as soon as you realize it is a fake! I offer a trade in deal (provided I still have the pins) if you contact me via my contact form on this site or my email (

You still need help?

If the FAQ above did not answer your questions, you may ask help from our support team by contacting us directly via email.